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Static Website Design is meant by the one that is not changed. Static Website is Such type of website that is delivered to the user exactly the way in which it is stored. Static Website Design Company delivers information without any bells and whistles. static websites are easy to develop, economical to develop and cheap to host. They provide information in HTML language and information written in it cannot be changed except change can be advocated only after change in source page.

At Kirali Web Services We Create Professional Static Website Designing according the client’s need. Our qualified professionals offers Static Website design Services, PHP Web Development, ASP Web Development, Outsourcing Web Design, off shore Web design, Custom Web design, E-commerce website design etc. The static website designing part is feather in our cap.

Static web pages are suitable for the contents that never or rarely need to be updated. However, maintaining large numbers of static pages as files can be impractical without automated tools. Any personalization or interactivity has to run client-side, which is restricting.


  • Quick to develop
  • Cheap to develop
  • Cheap to host


  • Requires web development expertise to update site
  • Site not as useful for the user
  • Content can get stagnant

So If You are looking for Static Website Design Company or Static Website Designing Company in Your Location. You can contact us any time for your requirement related to Static Website Design or responsive static Web site development.

The overall design of even static websites developed by us involves nothing but creativity, imagination and innovation. These little things make Kirali Web Services a unique Static Website Designing Company Delhi.

Connect us here if you are interested in Static Website Designing Services Delhi NCR.

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