VPS Web Hosting

VPS Web Hosting
VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Along with shared hosting, VPS hosting is also very popular type of web hosting service chosen by website owners around the world. It is much similar to shared hosting except it uses virtual technology to assign space on a server among multiple clients.

VPS web hosting is more secure and stable than shared web hosting where you don’t get a dedicated server space. In VPS hosting you are actually not allotted the whole server, but it looks like you are virtually owner of that sever. Website owners who stand above the entry level generally use VPS hosting as their requirements are not fulfilled with shared website hosting with limited resources.
How VPS web hosting work?
As we already know that a server is a computer where a web hosting company stores all the files and databases related to our website. And the web browsers send request to the server whenever any visitor wants to access your website, after getting a request from the browser; the web server fetches the required files. VPS web hosting allocates you a virtual server within physical server, but actually the server is shared among multiple clients.

In VPS web hosting plan, the hosting company installs a virtual layer on top of the operating system of the web server. It actually divides the web server into multiple partitions and allows all users to install their own OS and software according to their requirement without affecting other users of the server.In general VPS web hosting is considered as virtual and private both because you have a complete control over provided web space without disturbing other clients on the server.

Advantages of VPS web hosting
VPS web hosting is very popular type of web hosting because of its features as compared to shared web hosting.

  • VPS is faster than a shared hosting server.
  • Your website is not affected by the issues and traffic surges of other server users.
  • VPS assigns you as a super user (root) access to your server.
  • Privacy is assured, as your stuffs are locked from other server users
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