Privacy Policy-2

Kirail Web Services is an organization which deals with development and promotion of websites and mobile applications. The organization has its registered office at H No. 320, Sector 44, Noida 201301. This document declares our Privacy Policy and related terms and conditions. These terms and conditions apply to all the information collected through our website, emails, calls or other direct or indirect means of conversation with the customer. The Privacy Policy of Kirail Web Services is absolutely transparent. The way we conduct our business is also made clear to each customer. We do not misguide our customers nor do we have any hidden charges. We aim to develop a good business relationship with our customers. Every visitor of our website is suggested to read the Privacy Policy thoroughly. If the user uses our website after reading Privacy Policy, we shall consider that the user agrees with our Privacy Policies, in case the user disagrees, he shall discontinue the use of our website with immediate effect. Users are also suggested to view our Privacy Policy regularly as our Privacy Policy is subject to change without any prior notice and the changes will be applicable with immediate effect.

  1. Collecting Information: On our website, we collect customer’s personally identifiable information such as name, email address, correspondence (home/office)address, phone numbers etc. The customers are expected to understand that all information collected through our website, email, telephonic conversation or any other direct or indirect means of communication, will strictly be used only for official purposes and the information will be kept confidential. We use this information to promote services that interest the customers or to provide any other important business related information or to collect payments or to contact the customer in case of troubleshooting/emergency situation. This information is also used to revert to queries of the customers.
  2. Cookies: We collect every information via secure means only. We do not observe unethical ways to gather/steal any information by way of cookies. We ensure that stored cookies do not have personal information of customers and we delete cookies at regular intervals to avoid any chances of cybercrime.
  3. Research data analysis: We gather demographic and psychographic data related to the target audience of the customer. Demographic data here refers to the name, location, age, gender, wealth status etc. and psychographic data here refers to interests, opinions, attitude, thinking etc. This information of target audience is collected by way of surveys or other legal means. Thereafter, the collected information is analyzed only to develop or promote the website of the customer keeping in mind the expectations of his target audience. This enables to increase online visibility followed by increased website traffic for customer’s online business. The data collected during the process will not be used for any anti-social, illegal or unwanted purpose by us in any case.
  4. Confidentiality of personal information: As already mentioned, all the information collected by us by way of email, call or other direct/indirect conversation means, will be kept confidential which means it will not be disclosed to any third party or any unsocial/illegal party, for any reason. We take utmost care that no information leaks from our end but we cannot be held liable if any such thing happens. We may also disclose any information collected by us to legal entities, government bodies or internet security agencies if required for legal purposes.
  5. Security: We take every measure to keep your information secure. As known any information on the internet is not completely secure, we cannot give warranty for the security of any information. We ensure our customers that we adopt best practices to secure all the collected information but in case of any kind of breach of information from our database, we cannot be held liable. The customer shall share the information at his discretion understanding that we are taking every possible step to protect their information.
  6. Customer Support: We aim to give prompt support to our customers for any queries related to our services or business between our organization and the customer. We serve 24X7 and are reachable via email, chat or phone. Our customer-centric approach motivates us to resolve customer queries at earliest. Customers can also give us their feedback about their experience with us, which will be taken care of well.

Terms and Conditions:

Kirail Web Services develops and promotes websites and mobile applications for the customers chiefly operating at its registered office at H No. 320, Sector 44, Noida – 201301. ‘Customer’/’visitor’/’user’ as used on our website refers to any person visiting our website and agreeing to partner with us for a business deal. ‘We’/’our’/’us’ refers to Kirail Web Services, the owner of the organization and the team of the organization. Kirail Web Services holds the right to change or remove any terms and conditions mentioned in this document. Our customers are suggested to go through our terms and conditions carefully. It will be considered that they have gone through the mentioned and latest terms and conditions if they continue browsing our website or if they agree to partner with us for business purpose. In case of any violation of terms and conditions or any dispute arising thereof, we cannot be held liable and the decision of the owner of Kirail Web Services will be final as he will be the sole arbiter.

  1. Our web content informs about the services we offer. This information cannot measure accuracy. Accurate information could vary depending upon specific customer’s business requirements. Our web content abides by Government rules and regulations/Law and is copyrighted and cannot be replicated by a third party. If found so, the party may be held liable.
  2. Our content is original. But we do not guaranty the accuracy of our web content. We cannot be held legally for any error on our webpage or web content.
  3. Our web content, actions or efforts do not intend to hurt emotions, sentiments, actions, beliefs of any caste/community/person in any way. If it happens accidentally, we cannot be held liable.
  4. We cannot be held liable in case of any accidental damage that might happen due to the usage of our services.
  5. We do not assure any user/customer of the legitimacy, authenticity, and accuracy of the product/services provided by third parties associated with us. We cannot be held liable in case of false commitments or misleading product/services given by the third party associated with us.
  6. In case of any copying/modification of our web content by a third party, we can sue the third party found doing so.
  7. No organization/person can link our website to any document or website before our prior written approval. If any person/organization is found doing so, it can be held legally or it can be penalized.
  8. At any time, we can discontinue serving any customer who does not comply with our company’s rules and regulations.
  9. The prices for our products/services are subject to change at any point of time without prior intimation.
  10. There could be technical glitches on our website, any loss or damage rising thereof will not be borne by us. We cannot be held liable in such a case.


All the information given on our website is authentic and true to our knowledge. If any information has been presented inaccurately, it is purely unintentional and thus we cannot be legally held for it. In case of any violation of our company or government rules and regulations, and consequential damages, we cannot be held liable, things can be resolved with a conversation. The Kirail Web Services owner’s decision will be final in case of any dispute concerned with our organization. We do not endorse any third party on our website, their product/service could be listed only for giving solutions to customers under one roof. We do not have control over the third party in utilizing your information or dealing with you. In case of any issues with the third party linked to us, we cannot be held liable.